Thursday, November 12, 2009

Exerpts from "A Transgressive History" series, Fall 2009

Aggravated battery with knife/cutting instrument
Street, 200 block of E. Superior
4:30 AM August 23, 2009

Homicide: First degree murder
Apartment, 1400 block of N. Sedgwick
11:55 PM January 16, 2008

Homicide: First degree murder
Restaurant, 2800 block of N. Southport
8:30 PM October 14, 2008

My intention was to photograph what might be considered mundane street scenes/subjects and fortifying them with explanations of their illicit history through titles. I scouted locations on and gave myself the obstructions of only shooting crime scenes from the past two years, and involving places considered tame by police standards. I went to the sites without any prior idea of what to photograph that would illustrate my point. I ended up capturing shots of found items congruent to each atmosphere without giving the locations away obviously. The purpose of avoiding shooting explicit scenes of buildings or street addresses is to remind the viewer that crimes of this nature can occur even in the safest-seeming of neighborhoods.

all images © Allison Michelle Moore

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